Who will be the next Siya! PEN Sea Camp knows!


What a weekend!  This weekend for sure marked a time in South Africa, that united us through  Rugby.  Seeing the team lift the William Webb Ellis trophy up high, gave goosebumps and my heart skipped a few beats with pride.  Our Bokke! Our win!  Who would’ve thought that this little boy, born in the impoverished Zwide township just outside Port Elizabeth, will rise to become a major icon not just here in South Africa, but on the world stage. Siya Kolisi, the Springboks Rugby captain.

Social media saw the famed photograph of Siya, a young boy of 15, standing idle waiting to get an autograph of his Rugby hero, Schalk Burger doing the rounds.  It painted a picture of perseverance, dreams and the willingness to rise above his challenging circumstances.  I can’t help feeling that this must be the case for any young child living in South Africa today.  Every child has the potential to develop, grow and outperform their wildest dreams.

PEN shares this dream for each of the children that we support and guide on a daily basis.  December is Sea Camp month and 120 children will have the opportunity just as Siya, to learn, dream and persevere in spite of their own circumstances.  Sea Camp is more than just a camp, it is an introspective opportunity, a chance to deal with their challenges, a chance to learn the necessary skills not to just cope, but to live life to the fullest.  PEN Sea Camp gives each of our children a chance to dream of becoming the next Siya Kolisi!

To make this possible we need your help.  We need a small investment in the lives of each of our 120 children.  Sea Camp costs R1600,00 per child and we are still far off our mark to make departure day on 27 November a reality!  For more information or to get involved in the PEN Sea Camp contact us at 012 323 6688 or thinus@pen.org.za for more information.

Please include your information for acknowledgement and S18A Tax Exemption benefits.

15% of the donations will be allocated towards governance, that will assist in covering shared services needed for good governance and administration such as finance, HR, insurance and M&E.

Photo credit to sarugbymag.co.za