Miles for Mercia Beneficiaries for 2019/2020


Miles for Mercia

Beneficiaries for 2019/2020


Miles for Mercia supports Andries Vosloo Hospital in Somerset-East in the Eastern Cape, as in conjunction with the Hospital's physio and occupational therapy departments we lend assistance to differently-abled children from Somerset East, Cookhouse, Pearson and surrounds, by providing walkers, specialized shoes, wheelchairs or other aids not covered by the state,


Our second beneficiary for 2019 is Aurora Special Care Center in Port Elizabeth. This organization does wonderful work in offering support and care to profoundly mentally and physically challenged children and adults. Like Miles for Mercia, Aurora is entirely dependent on donations and the goodwill of the public.


Sport is an important part of life whether as exercise or a form of entertainment and relaxation. This is why Miles for Mercia supports the Boccia Bandits in their pursuit of Boccia.

Boccia is a precision ball sport, similar to bocce, and related to bowls and pétanque. The name "boccia" is derived from the Latin word for "boss" – bottia. The sport is contested at local, national and international levels, by athletes with severe physical disabilities. It was originally designed to be played by people with cerebral palsy but now includes athletes with other severe disabilities affecting motor skills. In 1984, it became a Paralympic sport, and in 2008 was being practiced in over fifty countries worldwide. Boccia is governed by the Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed) and is one of only two Paralympic sports (along with goalball) that have no counterpart in the Olympic program.

Miles for Mercia sponsors the Johannesburg based club to be able to attend tournaments and in so doing to show that sport can be enjoyed by everyone, those of us who are differently-abled only need to be a little more creative in how we go about things!

Another of our beneficiaries for 2019 is Forest Farm in Johannesburg, providing a home with heart for adults living with CP.

This form appears in about 75% of cases. Symptoms include stiff, jerky movements, and as the child matures, muscles may become shortened. Learning difficulties may be present. Spastic CP is categorised according to the extent to which the body is affected. If both arms and legs of only one side of a person’s body are affected, it is known as hemiplegia. Diplegia is present when both legs are affected, but arms are only mildly affected, or not affected at all. Quadriplegia means that both legs and arms are affected, to varying degrees.

Also known as Dystonic or Athetoid CP, this form of the condition is present in about 20% of cases, with the most notable symptoms being unintended movements, such as wriggling or writhing. People afflicted with this form have good intelligence and understanding.

This is the rarest form of the condition. Symptoms are far less obvious, and may include difficulty with balance, spatial awareness, and shaky or unsteady movement. Around 5% of people present with this form of CP.

Mixed CP: many people experience more than one type of CP.


Miles for Mercia's total for 2019 now stands at R30 920! We appreciate the ongoing support and still aim to raise our grand total of R120 000 for 2019 in support of our beneficiaries! Seeing beyond what seems possible.’ Thank you for dreaming and doing with us..!

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When you consider your support for Miles for Mercia, you can choose between a lump sum donation or a sponsorship per mile. All donations are tax-deductible.

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