It is Thursday – and I am dressed in black


Why would that be? What does the day of the week have to do with the colour I wear?

In South Africa, this week, we were overwhelmed by a relentless litany of abuse and violence. 

We are calling out for visible symbols of our emotions and intentions.

A simple international campaign can help us do this. Worldwide, people dress in black on Thursdays in a longstanding movement for a world without rape and violence.

When we do this, we stand:

  • In protest against systems and societies that encourage violence in any form,
  • In solidarity with 1 in 4 women worldwide who face violence in their lives,
  • In mourning for men, women and children who are harmed and killed in sexual violence,
  • For awareness and information about the challenges of GBV,
  • In the hope that a different reality is possible.

Today, in South Africa, this is more relevant than ever.

Join WWSOSA and thousands of others when you dress in black, sign the pledge and wear a badge which you can order here

Next week, you too can be part of #ThursdaysinBlack

Please also support #WeWillSpeakOutSA financially in order to support this work