Sesego Foundation - Disrupting Poverty


Sesego (Seshego) means “Calabash” for nourishment during drought or difficult times. This Northern Sotho word was the inspiration and has stood the test of time as we continue to be a constant and dependable resource provider for vulnerable communities in Southern Africa.

With the support of volunteers and strategic partners, we have continued to make a difference and have become experts in finding sustainable solutions to create better lives. It’s all about mobilising resources and expertise from positions of strength to collectively change the lives of those in need.

Our success is attributed to the strong board and governance structures i.e.

  • Committed and highly competent board;
  • South African registered NPO / PBO / 18A status
  • Robust financial accounting and auditing
  • TAX compliant
  • SARS registration as an importer
  • Efficient operating model

The Ethos of Sešego Foundation is hinged on the spirit of “Ubuntu” or “humanity”.

Our Mission is to get personally involved in making a sustainable contribution to the wellbeing of the Southern African Communities. We incubate businesses and support entrepreneurs to build strong communities.

We are accountable to our volunteers, strategic partners, and sponsors who we serve by ensuring that their resources and donations are deployed to serve the communities in which they operate. It’s about shared growth to develop communities where businesses and individuals flourish.

Annemarie Mostert, CEO and Founding Member of Sesego Foundation together with Sesego and its partners were recognized by Rotary International at the United Nations in New York on 12 November 2016 for the sustainable impact it has in communities under the Responsible Business Owners category.

We partner with companies to maximize their impact and contribution in the space of supplier development, enterprise development, social responsibly and training. From humble beginnings, we have grown to become a formidable charitable organisation with a strong track record for bringing about sustainable change. Focus areas have been in skills development, job creation, entrepreneurship, education, vulnerable women and children.

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