Welcome, ACFS!


Formerly known as the African Children's Feeding Scheme, the ACFS has come a long way since the late Bishop Trevor Huddleston started the original peanut butter sandwich at schools in 1945.

Today, they pursue seven separate but inter-related activities aimed at uplifting and empowering communities in Soweto, Kagiso, Alexandra, Thembisa, Daveyton, Kwa Thema and Tsakane.

ACFS provides 10 000 children with milk and a peanut butter sandwich daily and, whilst this remains their core focus, they also work to promote healthy, contributing citizens who are economically viable and self-sufficient, through:

  • Micro-economic empowerment programs
  • Community food gardens
  • Health and nutrition education
  • HIV/AIDS awareness

To find out more about ACFS or to make a contribution, click here.