Welkom, Algemene Sinode vd NG Kerk!


Welcome to the "Algemene Sinode van die NG Kerk". 

The Dutch Reformed Church has a footprint in local communities and on regional level throughout the country. It possesses the networks and capacities to organize and respond quickly and effectively in times of local disasters.  A deep spiritual conviction of compassion and care brings goodwill and empathy to the work.  

Local collaboration is highly important in relief work and local churches already form part of networks in communities. They work in co-operation with others and often coordinate or initiate collaboration. 

The role of the church is enhanced by its existing professional social services. Disaster-relief through the church is therefore not only accessible and reliable but also has professional capacities.

The church remains present and involved in communities long after public interest waned, and most others left. The healing and prospering of a community after a disaster is regarded as equally important to the initial relief work.

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