Welcome, Fred & Martie's Soup Kitchen!


Welcome to the LTN family, FRED AND MARTIE'S SOUP KITCHEN (Est.14 May 1977).

SERVING THE POOR AND HUNGRY is more than a nice intention.  It is a LIFELONG COMMITMENT! Martie moved to Claremont, Johannesburg in May 1977, she understood what it meant to grow up poor. Martie started feeding 200 children and the elderly from a table on the pavement on the side of the road in front of their house 42 years ago.   She told her children so many times that she started the soup kitchen because she knows what it is like to be poor and to have to go to bed hungry, praying for the hunger pains to go away.  One woman’s passion and love for her community helped her feed hundreds.  For years the poor and needy have relied on Marthie's initiative, Fred and Martie's Soup kitchen, not only for food but also for inspiration. Fred and Martie (husband and wife) have left a remarkable legacy behind for their daughter, Yolindie and her husband, Riaan to continue to take care of the children and elderly that they cared for so much.  

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