LAWA is implicitly trusted by the meat industry not to publicize any alleged malpractices as a fund raising strategy, but rather to negotiate and advise in private, in order to bring about change. Apart from proven scientific expertise and research, this is the single most important reason for LAWA’s phenomenal success so far, in alleviating the anguish and pain of slaughter animals.

However, because of LAWA’s relative “anonymity” the general public knows virtually nothing about us, because of the “under cover” and confidential nature of our activities to alleviate stress and suffering of slaughter livestock, both in abattoir situations, transport and at sale yards.

Due to serious financial constraints LAWA out of necessity had to restrict its activities to a rather small area of the country, with Gauteng as its epicentre. It means LAWA can’t extend its services to areas of the country where they are most needed.

LAWA is very dedicated to continue striving to improve general welfare standards of farm animals in SA and in particular that of slaughter stock. In order to achieve this, we need to employ additional LAWA inspectors throughout the country, so as to ensure that all abattoirs and sale yards are audited on a regular basis.

Any financial support however small or large will therefore be greatly appreciated and will most definitely contribute towards us achieving our goal.