Home of Hope Place of Safety for Orphans


We (Zizwe) have been working with Maya since last year. A woman of God, called to take care of the abandoned. She has been running the Home of Hope orphanage for 22 years now. Being an orphan herself, her compassion for her kids is indescribable. She certainly runs the orphanage with an iron fist, but also with grace, love and affection that only a true mother can display. She has been blessed over the years with two houses and the ability to maintain the shelter as necessary. 

They, however, are still lacking when it comes to transport. Transporting 20 children to and from various schools in town has been a difficult task with a small vehicle to their disposal. 

It is our aim to raise the funds to supply them with an Avanza to accommodate their daily routine.

We are aiming for R100k, for now, depending on what is available on the market by the time the funds are raised.