Making a difference in a rural area


Here is Lukhona’s success story and you can help make many more people like Lukhona’s lives improve drastically 

Lukhona was a grade 10 learner in Kentani Village, at the top of a steep hill outside of Butterworth in Eastern Cape. He heard about YCAP and was excited to finally be able to make positive change in his village. There had been a lot of faction fighting incidents between different tribes and this violence had been causing fear in the community. Lukhona asked his teacher to enter the school into the YCAP programme and then they put together a team of learners and followed the steps in  the toolkit. They identified the problem’s caused and brainstormed solutions, created an action plan and then did door to door visits, held communal gatherings and got permission to choose residents to be community police as the Butterworth police station was an hour’s drive away. They managed to solve the problem in 2015 and presented their portfolio and oral presentation at the National Championships where they felt so proud to have been change agents. They are still being active citizens to this day and Lukhona is a volunteer as part of the YCAP support team helping other young people to make positive change and develop their skills and confidence. Imagine if all learners in our country had this opportunity?