Welcome, Zizwe Cares NPC!


Welcome, Zizwe Cares NPC! 

Zizwe Cares NPC is the company Zizwe Opencast Mining Pty Ltd's social responsibility leg.  As a corporate company, compliance with governing bodies and legislation governs the way you operate your company. What started out as a B-BBEE initiative quickly escalated into becoming a driven passion to make a difference. The need to help the less fortunate, however, has always been a priority to Zizwe’s management. Helping most that came knocking at the door, looking for a pair of kind eyes to recognize their need. 

The aim is to identify projects in all Zizwe’s operating areas.  With the help of Zizwe Opencast, their clients, suppliers, stakeholders, and the general public, Zizwe Cares aim to uplift the mining communities in a strategic and structured manner. It is important for all those in and outside the mining community to form alliances in order to proactively anticipate challenges and to work together in achieving a better and economically healthy South Africa.

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