Welcome, Livestock Animal Welfare Association!


Welcome, Livestock Animal Welfare Association (LAWA)!

The Livestock animal welfare association (LAWA) was established by Dr Michael Levien and has been active since 1972.  It started off as a one-man show called Animal Aid South Africa with the acronym AASA. Its major aim and the principal objection was to lift, as far as possible something of a burden of suffering of our fellow travelers. It concentrated on problems concerning non-domestic animals such as seals, vivisection, game and wild animals and livestock in abattoirs and in transport by road, rail, and air. This was the nucleus of the Livestock Rescue Centre with its formal inception in 1978.

The Livestock Welfare Association known as LAWA was registered in 1984 as a society not for gain in terms of section 21 of the companies act.

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