PEN & partners gives hope this winter!


For the 19th year, Winterhoop will be making a difference in the lives of our vulnerable communities here in the heart of Pretoria and across the country.  People often say; “ag, it doesn’t get so cold here in Gauteng”, but when the mercury drops to almost zero and you have nothing to keep warm or cover yourself with, the cold grip of winter becomes merciless.  Homeless and without any options to keep warm, our vulnerable community creeps into storm drains, hides under bridges and in dark corners to escape the icy grip from the cold.

PEN in partnership with MES, the Dennis Hurley Centre and Towers of Hope works together to ensure some rescue from the cold.  Winterhoop is a national campaign that ties in with RSG, Media 24, local community radio stations and various local newspapers to raise awareness and spark involvement with this hope-focused campaign.  During Winterhoop 2018 we raised over 4000 blankets, provided shelter to over 1000 people and raised approximately R300 000,00 to enable a network of non-profits to assist and support people who needed help and assistance.

With over 150 drop-off points nationally, it is easy for the public to donate and get involved where we need help and assistance.  We need to take note though; that a blanket, a jacket and a meal, is just an entry point to transformation.  Although these instant “mercy interventions” help where it is needed immediately, we want to journey with our vulnerable communities to get them to understand their own challenges and work towards getting them independent from the claws of poverty. Be part of the transformation during winter and when you look at that old (but still in good condition) jacket that you wore 5 years ago, think like Elsa and “let it go!”

To support Winterhoop 2019 click the donate button or visit the website for more information on how to get involved at or call 011 725 0001 and make a difference this winter.

If you wish to make a financial donation to Winterhoop, please use the following banking details:

Winterhoop, ABSA Bank, Acc 906 892 5251, Br 632 005