From Heroine addict to POPUP Life Skills



This POPUP learner is going through a drug rehabilitation programme called COSUP which is run as part of a partnership between Sediba Hope and the University of Pretoria, he sees a social worker and is given methadone daily to help reduce his dependency and as part of his rehabilitation he is just finishing the current Foundation for Life (Life Skills) programme at POPUP Salvokop. Read his story below:

“One of our beneficiaries has a beautiful story of grace and redemption to tell. The young man has been hanging around here and at Sunnyside for a while now. He has a good relationship with Uncle Mike and all our clinic staff. Unfortunately, we could never help him with his problem of addiction. This guy is, like many of our young guys, without a father figure in his life. Due to wrong choices and bad influences from friends he became addicted to heroin. He has been addicted for 10 years or so.

Alet from Pharmavalue in Esselen street referred him to our site at Bethesda. We realised that we could do more for this guy than just give him medicine to take away the cravings… Apart from sponsored Methadone, he was seen by the social worker and referred for skills at POPUP.
He has been in POPUP’s Life Skills programme for a month now and he has even changed physically. He learned that Jesus still loves him and has a future for him. He was given new clothes and he sees the nurse there every day for his medication. There he has found new friends and developed new interests in a caring environment.

All he needed was a step up on life and to realise the potential in him and that there is only one thing that can fill the void in your life…. knowing who you were created to be!”