Social Return on Investment?


When looking at investment, there are a few basic ideas around the whole process (even a non-financial guru person like me) should know.  1.  You take something of value, 2. identify the right opportunity and eco-system for that value to grow, 3. be willing to keep that value in that eco-system long term to mature and grow in value and then lastly 4. draw the return on that investment and utilize it towards a specific goal.  Being part of the whole social development space here in South Africa, I came to realize that business and social business like non-profits are so much alike.  

The one thing that differs however is our perception on what the return on our investment looks like.  With business, it's simple, just take a look at your cash in the bank.  For non-profits like PEN, where I am involved with, the profit lies in the development of people and transforming their economic-selves to be able to contribute financially, emotionally and socially to their family, community and becoming someone who live their day to day life, not just to survive, but to be alive, well and thrive.

We need to keep challenging our perceptions of the non-profit sector to start seeing them for what they are.  We are not just a charity.  We are experts and trusted advisors when it comes to transformation and the complex social space  we and YOU might find yourself in.  Why not journey with us through partnership, support and start investing in one of PEN's life changing programs through CSI, BBBEE spend and "heart" work.  Talk to us and let’s rewrite life stories together.