Welcome, Baby Therapy Centre!


Welcome to our new Receiver Organisation, Baby Therapy Centre! 

BTC was established in 1994 after a need for an ECI Therapy Centre was identified and was subsequently established with the support of the Johanniter Orden (the German equivalent of the Order of St. John).  They have, since their inception, developed a pioneering focus with regards to therapy. Over time this focus evolved into a model that implements a child-centered and holistic approach to coaxing each of the little ones towards achieving their full potential.

Their model has moved away from a compartmentalized check-box approach, towards an integrated child-specific approach describing development. The focus is on your child’s ability to become functional while following the ICF Model (explaining the child’s limitations in activities and acknowledging the immediate and broader environmental role players), first within the context of their own disability and then more broadly, in the context of the home, community and society as a whole.

Find out more about this phenomenal organisation here.