Kindness begins with me

Loving Thy Neighbour is a charity (NPC) helping other charities with: a visibility platform and sponsored social media and financial training. We offer charities specialised support with donations, collections, payments and e-commerce software solutions. At the same time, funders (givers) can support their favourite cause by browsing through easily selectable categories and selecting a donation beneficiary.

Grade 2s ready for big things!

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Vat my medalje

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And now the Grade 1As

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Who is coming for tea?

Ma'am Sindi joining into the fun of dressing... Read More

Boxes to build

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Lets pick up trash..

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There is NO exception to this..

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1 week after 25 & 26 January 2020 Cleanup

1 week after the last cleanup, I revisited the... Read More


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Cleanup Centurion Lake Weir

This is a whole day exercise and the very next... Read More

Post Flood Cleanup

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Sponsor A Bag

We would like to invite you to join our... Read More

Welcome, Hennops Revival!

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It ends Here!

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Certificate of Appreciation

I am proud of us ALL! Thank you for helping us to... Read More