Kindness begins with me

Loving Thy Neighbour is a charity (NPC) helping other charities with: a visibility platform and sponsored social media and financial training. We offer charities specialised support with donations, collections, payments and e-commerce software solutions. At the same time, funders (givers) can support their favourite cause by browsing through easily selectable categories and selecting a donation beneficiary.


Centurion Hospice Bookshop is our pride and joy!... Read More

Happy New Year

We hope you all have an AMAZING 2018!

It's easy to just be done..

It's easy to just be done at this point and... Read More

Entering 2018

Everything in your past has made you the amazing... Read More

Season Greetings

"Wishing All our Supporters, eg Schools,... Read More

Finish Well!

Democratic Alliance visits Resthaven

Resthaven had an exciting visit from... Read More

Nominate Resthaven forthe 702 Truck of Love

Kindly nominate Resthaven in the 702 Truck of... Read More

PADI Seminars

PADI has had a busy year, see some of the... Read More

our future, the youth!

Character is learned. Good character is... Read More