Kindness begins with me

Loving Thy Neighbour is a charity (NPC) helping other charities with: a visibility platform and sponsored social media and financial training. We offer charities specialised support with donations, collections, payments and e-commerce software solutions. At the same time, funders (givers) can support their favourite cause by browsing through easily selectable categories and selecting a donation beneficiary.

Strange River finds

In an interview on Jakaranda's Scenic drive... Read More

Tyre-ing work

We pulled over 50 tyres out of the hennops this... Read More

Making a difference, One bag of rubbish at a time

We count all our bags at every cleanup, one bags... Read More


Moenie bang wees vir dié wat die liggaam... Read More

Welcome, Symphonia for South Africa!

Welcome to Symphonia for SA!  Symphonia... Read More

You can make a difference

Some of the litter that was in this tree had been... Read More

The Baking Project

One of the many ways Kamcare positively impacts... Read More

We have a new website!

Our new look website and fun photo shoot was all... Read More

CraftHer Arts&Crafts Workshop

WELCOME TO CRAFTHER! CraftHER was started as a... Read More

Soengroet taboe!!

Van die vernaamste nuus die afgelope dae is... Read More

Trees Along the Hennops banks

I always feel so sorry for the trees that are... Read More

Die wonder van nuwe lewe.

Vroeg gisteroggend het Milané Pelser na... Read More

Welcome, Tshwane School of Music!

Welcome, Tshwane School of Music! The Tshwane... Read More


Introducing the Let's Reconcile SA Cycle Tour!

Beginet Presents Let’s Reconcile SA Cycle... Read More

The Grid

This is indicative of how much plastic and waste... Read More

Genade onbeskryflik groot

Wat is genade? Probeer dink aan sinonieme wat... Read More