Kindness begins with me

Loving Thy Neighbour is a charity (NPC) helping other charities with: a visibility platform and sponsored social media and financial training. We offer charities specialised support with donations, collections, payments and e-commerce software solutions. At the same time, funders (givers) can support their favourite cause by browsing through easily selectable categories and selecting a donation beneficiary.

Slovo Centre of Excellence - About Us

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Welkom, Centurion Christelike Laerskool!

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Die afgelope week (11 November 1818) het die... Read More


The importance of play

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Welcome Global Forum of Women Entrepreneurs!

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Proceed to the route

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Today is World Kindness Day

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Ontsluit die goud

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Reconciliation & Diversity LTN Event

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GFWE SADC Conference

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Welcome, Pneumatix!

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Last chance to Register!

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PEN Sea Camp needs your help! Dream with us!

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Reconciliation & Diversity Gala Event

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Outdoor Games

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