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ABC for spiritual growth

Order CLF's free pamphlets online... Read More


Support Animals in Need

Make sure to support the Animals on International... Read More

World NGO Day

On Tuesday the 27th POPUP celebrated World NGO... Read More


Success at the Deloitte's Water Table

We had great fun on Sunday at our S4J Water table... Read More

A Look Back at 2017

Take a look back with us and see all the... Read More

The Pillars on which we stand on!

Good character is consistently doing right things... Read More

God providing a way where no other way.

We have experienced that more than half of the... Read More

Support our literature ministry

Visit the CLF website, www.clf.co.za for more... Read More


 "Education is the KEY to success. Grab... Read More


Words Have Power Did you ever stop and think,... Read More


The Joy of Giving ~ Our lives are richer when we... Read More

Help delay #Day Zero!

We all need to stand together and show our Unity... Read More

Displaying 201 to 220 of 615 items on page 11 of 31