The Mondorf-les-Bains Casino Is Reorganizing And Preparing To Reopen Its Doors

Card, Game, Poker, Peak, Worms, KaroClosed since March 15, the Mondorf-les-Bains casino in Luxembourg has had time to completely rethink its organization. Regarding the reopening of the establishment, General Manager Guido Berghmans hopes that the activity will resume on May 25th. It must be said that the pandemic which has claimed thousands of victims around the world has completely upset the world of casino operators. The closure resulted in significant financial losses.

Changes in sight

Several casinos remain closed until further notice, including the 2000 casino in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg. The manager of the only casino in the territory, Guido Berghams, is already looking into the precautions to be taken for a fast and highly secure recovery for staff and customers. According to the official, a group of casino managers spread across Europe are exchanging ideas and implementing strategies to achieve the goals. Many elements are taken into account, starting with the reception. In addition to proper attire required, wearing a mask will be mandatory in the casino, reports the director. As for the players, the casino has a blacklist comprising at least 300 names which essentially constitute customers who have voluntarily decided their exclusion for a fixed period. As a result, access to the entrance will be controlled using a special customer smart card.

Poker, Cube, Gambling, Card GameIn the games room, the Mondorf-les-Bains casino is also planning to reduce its number of slot machines. Currently, the establishment offers at least 366 devices, a high number that could make it difficult to respect the distance between players. Therefore, some changes will be made by reducing the number of slot machines available to 130, says the director. The latter also adds that around fifty transparent walls will be installed in the premises in order to limit customer contact as much as possible. As for the handling of tokens, the casino has thought of everything with the use of the chip card for top-ups. However, this system hardly works for traditional table games such as blackjack, roulette or even poker.

In any case, no reopening is on the agenda as regards the reopening of casinos in France, so casino operators are eager to hear the authorities’ decision. For its part, the Mondorf-les-Bains casino is already preparing behind the scenes by prioritizing the safety of its customers and employees.